IGMHS Strives For Over All Development Of A Child.


The students of the school both at the board examinations as well as other extra co-curricular activities have ever been awarded for their brilliant achievements including one in the year 2003 occupying the first position in the eastern zone to be awarded by His Excellency the Governor of West Bengal. It is also not out of context to mention that several students are bestowed upon with certificates of merit by the C.B.S.E. every year.


CBSE Result:

There has been track records of brilliant CBSE Result of both classes X and XII every year. Many students are awarded special accolades, Apprecistion, Scholarship and Awards for their brilliant performances at Board Examinations by CBSE and the Government. Mrs. SMRITI IRANI Hon\'ble H.R.D. Minister Govt of India has personally acknowledged the meritorious students of the school for their outstanding results at CBSE Examination.


Cognitive Empowerment:

Our endeavour is to direct children to become motivated, lifelong learners by experiencing the joy of discovery and the ownership of results through learning that is organic, creative and wonderous. An integrated curriculum allows students to have an in-depth learning and see the connectivity that naturally exists among subject areas ; thus making integrated learning meaningful and long lasting. Lessons include multi-sensory activities and learning by doing, with an emphasis on hands-on, project based experience as far as possible.


Who we are

Saltlake Indira Gandhi Memorial High School - Is One Of The Best Schools In Saltlake. Saltlake Indira Gandhi Memorial High School, Known For Its Discipline, Child Security, Digital Classrooms, Modern Infrastructure, Competent And Technology Savvy Faculties.

What we teach

IGMHS Strives For Over All Development Of A Child By Hetrogeneously Blending Indian Culture And Heritage With Modern Internationally Acceptable.