Holiday list for the students

1. There are three vacations , during the year Summer vacation,Puja vacation and Winter vacation.
2. Saturday is usually the weekly holiday.However the student may be asked to be present for social work and Co-curricular Activities on these days.
3. The School Notice Board reflects month wise programme of the whole year indicating vacation periods weekly and other holidays and class days.
4. No child may leave the school during class hours without special permission of the Principal, only if a written request from parents submitted.
5. All the school children should have identity cards obtainable from the school office. It is advisable for Nursery and K. G children that the person authorized to take the pupil home would have the card and be able to show it if requested by the school Authority.

Holiday List For The Academic Session 2017-18 xx

Sl. No. Holiday Holiday Dates Day
1 TEST 23/10/2018 20
2 Ram Navami 22 March 2018 Monday
3 fasdf asdf fasdf
Notes : 1.Rabindra Jayanti ... xxx

2. Dates may change as per Govt Notification ...

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